The Barangay Governance Automation Systems (BGAS) is a comprehensive technology developed by MindConcept Solutions (MCS) as its noble contribution towards nation building and disaster risk mitigation and management and adaptation to climate change.

MCS believes that with a computerized infrastructure down to the barangay level, it is necessary for the Philippines to be responsive not only with the fast phase technology but as well as the demand for a comprehensive data for all facets of governance.

At the initial stage, BGAS aims to automate the operations of the barangays by introducing appropriate user-friendly software on a modular approach to make governance easy for the barangays.

eBGPMS Database Management System is an electronic software conversion of manually-operated Barangay Governance Performance Management System (BGPMS).
Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the LGU Scorecard aims to strengthen DILG’s performance management framework for assessing and recognizing local government units.
Barangay Demographic Profile
Barangay Governance Automation System
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Barangay Demographic Profile is a set of information gathered on the basis of statistical studies pertaining to the characteristics of the various inhabitants of the Barangay.
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